Open-air cinemas are a staple of the Berlin summer, with films beginning around 9.30 every night as it gets dark. However, the end of the open-air cinema season is planned by the organisers well in advance, giving summer an air of impending doom come mid-August as films become start being shown at 9, then 8.30, then maybe 8 at a push, before tragically brought to the tragic ‘show’s over, see you in 2016.’ Still, it’s probably better to unofficially declare that summer is over by ending the programme rather than resorting to open air cinema showings beginning at 5.30 and hot water bottles being distributed to all-comers to keep the good times going…







Now, admittedly there’s no conclusive evidence as there’s no-one holding the picture of that day’s newspaper in each and every photograph, but these were taken on two consecutive days. I’m just not sure which two. I probably have much, much, better things to lie about than “it was clear one day and one day later it weren’t no more” –  I am not a crook.






Bear Witness

There’s a faint obsession with bears in Berlin – primarily deriving from the one that adorns the Berlin flag, doing its finest impression of the opening moments of the Thriller dance sequence. Berlin is showing its age. None other than Mr David of Hasselhoff fame performing at the New Year celebrations 2014/2015 is further testament.

Either way, bears are knocking about everywhere – whether as sculptures, on beer labels or in energy companies advertisements – brown bear, polar bear, one and all.

Their ubiquity and the presence of mirrors in U-Bahn stations can result in the perfect storm of what may be hemi-terrifying semi-optical demi-illusions for tourists who might have enjoyed a Radler or two and are looking to get back to their hotel. (or, for the day that’s in it, a Guinness or two… …or three – according to Tony Abbott anyway…)

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.36.17 PM


Risk Aversion

Back in the day, people had to take risks when it came to taking photos in front of an Old Stock Exchange Building situated in the middle of Leipzig. Armed with only a 27-shot disposable camera, with the flash that had to be loaded with the push of a button – only if you were willing to splash out the £££ – the first shot had to be best shot, or else risk not getting a shot of the statue of that 19th century agriculturist you’ve never heard of.

While the flash loaded, you had plenty of time to bask in the knowledge that the foresight of going that bit extra and splashing out a few more of the punts was totally worth it, in case of the low lighting conditions that laid before you.

Click, flash, done. Wind the film. One down, 26 to go. See what it looks like and whether she was mid-blink two weeks later after dropping it into the pharmacy for super-speedy 24 hour processing – no IR£££ spared.

These days, well, it’s all about playing it safe; double- or triple-checking, zooming right into the face before you can move onwards and upwards to that Albrecht Thaer statue.




Bus Stop



DSC07822 DSC07823

Looking Elephantastic


This little fella has either had his precious ivory tusks stolen and made into the keys of a grand piano and is therefore reliant upon aluminium foil prosthetics to maintain his image, or, hopefully, he’s the vainest elephant statue in all of the land and keeping them pristine over the long winter months – teaching me that foil is not only a superior means of wrapping a sandwich compared to its cling film cousin, but also that it’s this season’s MUST for tusk preservation and conservation.

Two Views of a Christmas Market




Christmas Trees of Leipzig, Unite!

Christmas was a month ago today, today being the 25th of January, the month that traditionally follows December, the month in which Christmas is vaguely associated. Assuming such a pattern were to continue for the next few months, there are only eleven months until Christmas – Coca Cola trucks, chain statuses mentioning the fact – only 331 shopping days until Christmas – share these FACTS if you just LOVE Christmas and annoy all thems mad Scroogey lookin’ yokes on your timeline!!!

There were Christmas trees in Leipzig in the run up to New Year aka 2015 aka “year” – here are – were – a couple of them, before they were consigned to the literal dustbin (literal literal: organic bin) of history – ah, sure we’ll be chopping down the next batch in no time, only 330 shopping days until blah blah…





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